5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

The scorching temperature of summer requires an air conditioner to make your life more bearable. At Oxbow Heating & Cooling, we’re dedicated to helping our customers optimize the performance of their AC unit with our regular AC maintenance service in Portland, OR. Here are five tips that will ensure you get reliable cooling throughout the hot summer:

Change Your Filters Regularly

Changing your filters regularly is the easiest way to maintain optimal air conditioning performance. This will ensure that your air conditioner functions efficiently and keeps the air in your home healthy and clean. It’s recommended to replace or clean the filter every one to three months, depending on your specific system and usage.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Remember to perform preventative AC maintenance at least once a year by our qualified HVAC technician from Oxbow Heating & Cooling in Portland, OR, if you reside in the area. Doing so ensures your system runs optimally. This service helps identify potential problems before they start, which saves money in the long run since costly repairs may be avoided.

Adequate Airflow

An adequate airflow around your air conditioner is also essential for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure no furniture or other items block airflow around the unit, as this can disrupt proper cooling and lead to higher energy bills. Additionally, check vents throughout the house periodically to make sure they are clear of dust or debris so they can foster good airflow throughout your home.

Upgrade to a High-Efficiency System

If your AC unit is over ten years old or requires frequent repairs, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency system. High-efficiency systems use less energy and can save money on utility bills. They also provide better temperature control and improved air quality. Contact us today for more information about our AC replacement in Portland, OR, and schedule an appointment.

Use Of Programmable Thermostat:

Using a programmable thermostat is also vital for optimal air conditioning performance. This device allows you to set specific times and temperatures for your system so it only runs when needed. Additionally, ensure your home’s temperature is consistent by setting the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher during summer.

If you have any questions about AC repair in Gresham, OR, contact us today at (503) 867-0026 for assistance! We offer a wide range of AC services, including repair, replacement, installation, tune-up services, and more – all designed with you in mind!