Heating Service Portland OR and Gresham

Heating Service Portland OR and Gresham

Heating Service Portland, Gresham, Beaverton, OR, and Surrounding Areas

At Oxbow Heating & Cooling, we know winters in Oregon can get freezing. That’s why it is our mission to make sure our clients have a heating system that they can rely on. Everyone should be comfortable in their homes, and getting the best heating service Portland for their efficient heating system is essential.


Our highest priority is to provide excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in knowing that through the heating installation Portland and repair services we provide, our clients can have a higher quality of life and save money on their heating bills.


Our heating appliances, like furnaces and boilers face frequent wear and tear in the winter season due to excessive usage. Owners often need clarification about which HVAC company to consult for heating service Portland, as some of them provide high-quality work with extremely high rates, while others have lesser rates but poor-quality work.

HVAC owners should keep many factors in mind while finalizing their HVAC contractor Gresham OR. Factors like affordable rates, high-quality services, and proper knowledge are necessary, and Oxbow Heating and Cooling is the perfect blend of all such elements.


Oxbow Heating and Cooling has been serving families in the Gresham Area for more than 30 years, and our growth is all thanks to the hundreds of families that trust us with their HVAC appliances. As the leading name in heating repair Portland, we ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality services at affordable rates.


With over 30 years of working experience, we have served families in Gresham, Portland, and surrounding areas in Oregon. We shall expand our services to more areas as the years come closer.

Our professional technicians provide residential and commercial HVAC services so that you can contact us for all HVAC problems and assistance.


We keep our services broad and variable, so clients do not have to run to different companies for other services. You can contact us for any of these HVAC services including heating service Portland:

Our technicians understand the importance of your HVAC appliances and shall provide you with the best heating service Portland to fix all problems with exceptional professionalism.


Your Home is Not Getting Warm

If you turn the furnace on and hear it trying to work, but your home is not getting warm, it could mean that your air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. There could also be dirt obstructing one of its sensors from working properly, or the thermostat itself could have an issue.

Your HEATING and FURNACE is Making Noises

If you’re hearing rattling and other noises when the furnace is on that is a strong indication that you need heating service Portland. There are a number of potential issues that could be causing the noises. Our expert technicians can help diagnose the problem and provide options on how to address the issue.

Your Furnace is Frequently Cycling

Cycling between the “On” and “Off” mode can indicate a clogged filter or a wrong thermostat setting. Both are easy to troubleshoot. Check your thermostat settings and make sure your filter is clean.



Consider the Cost

If the bill to fix your furnace is close to the cost of a new HVAC system then you should consider replacing it instead of performing heating service Portland.

What is the Age of Your System

If your system is twenty years or older, then you should really consider replacing it for a newer system that will work more efficiently and effectively.

Consider the Energy Efficiency of Your Current System

If you have noticed your heating bills have increased, this could be an indication that your furnace is aging and becoming less effective and wasting energy. Contact for heating service Portland to resolve common issues.

Are Frequent Repairs Needed

If you have had to constantly pay for repairs to your HVAC system then this is also a strong indication that your system may need to be replaced.


Furnace Maintenance / Tune-Ups

Furnace problems are inevitable, but you can greatly reduce the possibility with an annual tune-up. Regular maintenance will help avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your unit and will also help avoid a breakdown during cold Oregon winters.

We Provide best Furnace and heating service Portland

You never know when your heating system will develop a problem. Even the most regularly maintained furnace can break down, some potential issues include: A dirty filter or damaged blower belt or maybe you need the complete heating replacement Portland; or a faulty electric ignition switch. Also, if you notice your unit cycling frequently, the pilot light turned on or you hear unusual noises, you should call for heating service Portland so your unit can be assessed.

When our technicians come to you for a heating issue, we’ll quickly identify the problem and offer solutions. If the issue can be solved with a heating repair Gresham, we’ll let you know and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Whether your HVAC system needs to be replaced we will assist you in finding the best solution for your needs and budget. If You Have Any Questions or Would Like to Get Started, Please Call (503) 487-5038.


If you want a reliable and professional HVAC contractor in Portland, OR, look no further than Oxbow Heating and Air Conditioning, serving in Portland and nearby regions, to assist you.

None of the persons reading this article is a child who would choose us for no reason. To prove our authenticity and caliber, we have a list of reasons that will make you inclined towards us for services like heating repair Gresham.  Here are some reasons why you should choose us: 

• Proper guidance and assistance

Our technicians are professionals, but only a little professional to avoid you while they work. Our technicians ensure to give you simple tips and tricks to maintain your HVAC appliance and protect it from future damage.

Our technicians are ready to provide air conditioning and heating service in Portland, OR. We schedule services according to our customer’s schedules. At your preference, we will schedule the service and arrive on time. 

• Flexibility

Our technicians are ready to provide air conditioning and heating service in Portland, OR. We schedule services according to our customer’s schedules. At your preference, we will schedule the service and arrive on time. 

• Experienced Engineers

We are one of the best heating and air conditioning contractors in Portland, OR, because our technicians and engineers are highly qualified and skilled to carry out the jobs with precision.

• Highly Responsive

HVAC systems are essential for home comfort, and our experts strive day and night to ensure the HVAC system runs all the time optimally. That’s why we will quickly resolve customers’ queries and take quick action to tackle HVAC problems.

• Using the latest machinery and gadgets

Our technicians rely on something other than old methods of fixing HVAC problems. Instead, they stay updated with all the latest inventions in the HVAC world for solving different problems for longer and hassle-free solutions.

• Affordable rates

We take pride when we say that our services are comparatively more affordable than the other companies, even though we use high-tech machinery and gadgets to fix your problems. It is because we keep our feet on the ground and keep our principles in mind while working. Our client work reviews prove our high work quality and affordable rates.

Moreover, all the HVAC services are available at nominal rates. You will be satisfied with our quality services, and the service rates will be worth our customer service.

Contact us to learn more about our heating replacement Portland.


frequently asked questions

Fall is the best time to have your heating system serviced. As time goes by, the efficiency of the heating system degrades significantly. Thankfully, maintenance services help to maintain the performance of your heating system.


Our experts for heating service Portland recommend calling the HVAC technician in the fall months. Then, if our technician detects a problem at the beginning of the season, the heating system will work effortlessly for the entire season.

Here are some signs that indicate there is a repair service issue that needs to be fixed before it impacts the other components working:

  • Yellow or orange pilot light
  • Difficulty in starting the unit
  • Less heat than the desired temperature
  • Strange and loud noises
  • Dust in the surroundings
  • Tripped carbon monoxide detector

Call Oxbow Heating and Cooling to fix the issue at the earliest.

According to our experts for heating service Portland, it is best to get your furnace and heating system serviced twice a year. Bi-annual services ensure that your furnace system functions efficiently for over 30 years.

Best Heating Service Portland

Preventive maintenance in the fall and at the end of the winter season elongates the furnace's life. Maintenance service once a year also works to maintain its function and performance. 

It is best to schedule a heating service in Portland, OR, annually to keep the heating system in perfectly good condition. Moreover, it would be better if the service is scheduled in the early winter or late autumn.

Here are some essential steps that a technician follows during heating maintenance: 

  • Replace the air filter and clean the heating system.
  • Lubricate the mechanical components to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Examine the electrical controls and thermostat.
  • Inspect the exhaust flue.

The furnace system must be cleaned annually to ensure it functions appropriately. According to our experts for heating service Portland, dust is the primary reason behind inefficient working and numerous repairing problems building in the system. In addition, external objects and foliage may enter the system and damage the essential components.

Here are some common problems that may appear in your furnace system during the winter season. Common heating repair problems that might require HVAC repair professionals' expertise in Portland, OR, are the following: 

  • Water dripping from the furnace system.
  • The furnace system is not producing heat.
  • Short cycling issues.
  • Blower fans run continuously.
  • Loud and noisy operation.
  • The circuit breaks trip down often.
  • The heating system does not start functioning.
  • The ignition system in the furnace is not working.
  • Frequently adjusting the thermostat temperature to make the room comfortable.
  • A burning odor is coming from the heating system.

The following are some signs that indicate the heating system is about the fail: 

  • Yellow pilot flame
  • Loud and strange noises 
  • Inadequate heat 
  • Higher electricity bills 

The three essential parts of a heating system that require annual heating service in Portland, OR, are: 


  • Heating sources, like furnaces or heat pump systems.
  • Air circulation systems, like ducts, vents, and registers.

A thermostat that helps you to control the heating system.

The average life of almost all heating systems is around 15-20 years. However, it might reduce to 8-10 years if improperly maintained.

As per HVAC repair experts in Portland, OR, there are so many reasons that can cause the heating parts to fail early:


  • Overheating can cause the system to break down temporarily.
  • Accumulation of exhaust gases in the system can cause contamination that can cause the system to fail.
  • Corrosion of mechanical parts is a sign that the heating element is about to fail.

A gas safety check is meant for all the gas appliances in your home, like cookers and boilers. It ensures that the appliance is running perfectly. The following things are checked during the gas safety check: 


  • Boiler pressure 
  • Air supply 
  • Ignition 
  • Flues and chimneys
  • Safety device working


During boiler service, our heating service expert in Portland, OR, inspects and cleans the entire boiler to ensure it runs efficiently. 

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