Emergency Heating Repair in Gresham

Emergency Heating Repair in Gresham

24 hour emergency heating repair in Gresham

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When your furnace or heat pump breaks down in winter, it’s an emergency. We understand the stress of a heating system breakdown, so we offer 24 hour heating service in Gresham, OR. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your heat back on, so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home again.

When to call for emergency heating repair service

  • Thermostat isn’t working
  • Opposite air temperature is coming from the vents
  • Outside unit’s fan isn’t moving
  • High humidity in your house
  • Odd smells coming through the vents
  • Carpet near the inside unit is wet
  • Ice on the evaporator coils
  • Low airflow
  • Loud sounds coming from the air conditioning unit
  • Numerous breaker trips

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Call for 24 hour emergency HVAC in Gresham: (503) 867-0026

Emergency Furnace Repair

Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any problem with your furnace, no matter how big or small. We’re also familiar with all types of furnaces, so you can be sure that we’ll get the job done right. Learn more about our emergency furnace repair services.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair

If your heat pump breaks down, it can be just as much of an emergency as a furnace breakdown. Heat pumps are used to heat and cool homes in Gresham, so when they break down, it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to be in your home. Learn more about our heat pump repair services.

Avoid Expensive Emergency heating Repairs with Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid expensive heating repairs is to have your heating system regularly maintained. Our technicians are expertly trained to provide comprehensive and efficient tune-ups to keep your system in great condition. Learn about all of our heating maintenance services.

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