8 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer Season

8 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer Season

Summer can sometimes be a concern for all of us due to the sweltering heat. In some cases, staying inside the home doesn’t help much and it becomes a challenge to remain cool and comfortable. That is where AC service Portland becomes immensely important.

Eight Ways to be Comfortable at Home This Summer Season

  • Prepare Your Air Conditioner

It is not wrong to assume that you have a perfectly working air conditioner system at home. Get AC repair Portland just before the summer arrives. Each part of your air conditioner must work at the highest efficiency. The experts will ensure that your HVAC is at the optimum level to beat the heat.

  • Use Ceiling Fans

Apart from connecting with efficient AC maintenance in Portland, you can contact your known electrician for your ceiling fan requirement. Ceiling fans circulate air across your room and evaporate heat. It is one of the easiest ways to keep cool in the summer.

  • Window Blind or Shade is a Good Idea

You do not want sunlight hitting your room in the summer. If your window is made of a glass panel, consider AC installation Portland  window blinds or shades to block the unnecessary sun rays.

  • Use Reflective Films on Your Windows

Window films are a great way to block the heat. The films work by reflecting the sunlight and harmful UV rays. As a result, your indoor temperature drops 1 or 2 degrees which accounts for comfort in the summer. There are a variety of window films available in the market.

  • Consider Using a Dehumidifier

Another essential factor in the summer is the humidity because humidity doesn’t let you sweat to cool down your body. A dehumidifier removes excess humidity from the indoor air and allows you to stay cool. Many contractors of HVAC repair Portland OR have started selling dehumidifiers.

  • Ensure the AC Vents are Clear

It goes without saying how important it is to keep air vents clean and intact. The air vents are responsible for circulating cool and warm air during the seasons. The technicians will inspect and clean the air vents and even offer impeccable AC replacement Portland, OR, should there be any requirements.

  • Keep Away From Heat-Producing Appliances

It is your job to keep your home comfortable in any season. Following this responsibility, you must avoid any heat-producing appliance at home like the dryer, hair straightener, oven, dishwasher, etc.

  • Regular AC Service

Our air conditioner saves us during summer season. Therefore it is essential to keep it in the best condition possible. Consider hiring an expert team for AC maintenance Portland to look after problems like compressor issues, refrigerant leaks, dirty coils, etc.

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