AC Won’t Turn On? Check These 7 Things

AC Won’t Turn On? Check These 7 Things

When your AC does not turn ON, it is natural to get confused about what to check to fix the issue. After all, there are so many components contributing to AC operation. 

Contact Oxbow to schedule AC repair in Gresham to turn your AC ON if it fails to operate. Before you call our professionals, keep in mind that there are a some things you can check and troubleshoot on your own.

7 Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On

There are often 7 common reasons why your AC won’t turn ON. If you are experiencing this problem frequently, you may need an AC replacement in Gresham. Check the seven things when your AC won’t turn ON.

Setting Mistakes

Check the thermostat of your AC to ensure it is set to cool and auto mode. It is possible that you or a family member may have left the thermostat in the wrong setting. 

Check Power Supply

A power surge or other electrical issue can turn the power switch OFF. Schedule an AC maintenance in Portland with our technician if your AC system fails to turn on. You can fix it simply by turning On the power switch.

The Clogged HVAC

Dirty air conditioning filters, coils, and drain lines get clogged with excessive grime. You should replace the air filter if too much dirt has accumulated and your AC is not turning ON.

If you are seeking an AC tune-up in Gresham, contact Oxbow for assistance

More Coolant Required

If you schedule a maintenance service twice annually, our technician will recharge the coolant during service. However, if you do not maintain it with annual service, less coolant can be the reason for the AC not turning On.

Check Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of the AC can get blocked due to vegetation and debris. Clear the outdoor unit and trim the plantation to troubleshoot the problem.

Air Duct Leak

When the insulation is poor or air ducts need cleaning, it can leak and hinder the AC mechanism. If you delay sealing the leak, you risk the possibility of getting an urgent AC service in Portland which can be costly. If you require the assistance of a professional in Portland, OR, contact Oxbow for help.

Hard HVAC Reset

Some electrical failures can trip the power switches and may lock your HVAC system. In this case, your HVAC will not turn on until you reset it. If your AC is still not turning ON after resetting, schedule an appointment to repair it.

Air conditioner repair in Gilbert

If your AC is not working normally, even after following the above-given tips, contact Oxbow Heating and Cooling to schedule a repair service. We provide individualized HVAC solutions and air conditioning contractor Portland. Contact us at (503) 867-0026 Schedule your appointment now with Oxbow Heating & Cooling today!