Can An Old Thermostat Cost Money On Your Energy Bill?

Can An Old Thermostat Cost Money On Your Energy Bill?

A lot of times, high utility costs go undiagnosed. Your thermostat, which is far smaller than your HVAC system, may be the culprit. It’s a crucial part of your house’s heating and cooling system. It would be ideal for putting one on each floor to control temperature variations throughout the year and save energy expenses and need your AC maintenance Portland.

The scorching summer months are peak season, which puts a lot of strain on our air conditioners. Many individuals use outdated mechanical, manual thermostats. However, this might result in greater energy costs. Contact a professional for AC service Portland.

How Does the Thermostat Affect Your Energy Bills?

  • A Wrong Temperature Reading

Your older thermostat could be out of calibration, unable to measure the temperature in your home reliably, or responding to ghost readings.

It might indicate that your heater or air conditioner is turning on when it is not necessary, wasting energy. Additionally, your home can have hot or cold patches that force you to adjust the heat or air conditioning, which uses additional energy or force to your AC replacement Portland OR .

  • Short-Cycling

Another issue with an outdated thermostat is short cycling, which causes the HVAC system to turn on and off quickly without a heating or cooling cycle.

Your system is subjected to extreme stress, which damages it and shortens its lifespan by years. The cost of electricity will likewise go up significantly as a result.

  • Connection is Broken

If the connection between your thermostat and HVAC system breaks, you won’t be able to switch the system on, which might make your home uncomfortable or cold. Get in touch with an expert for AC repair Gresham.

  • Lack of Control

Being unable to regulate an older form of the around-the-clock thermostat means you lose out on energy-saving potential, which is one of the main issues. You may remotely program modern digital thermostats, which are more precise and use less energy.

When freezing weather strikes your house while you are away, you may remotely change the temperature settings to prevent your pipes from freezing. Some of these thermostats even allow you to regulate the temperature per room, saving you money on heating and cooling spaces you might not use or not done your HVAC repair Portland.

It's Time to Update

Old, out-of-date thermostats have the major drawback of being difficult to manage, which leaves you losing out on energy-saving chances. You should replace your thermostat right now. If you are looking for air conditioning contractor Portland. then you can contact Oxbow Heating & Cooling. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

Modern thermostats are frequently more precise, energy-efficient, and remotely programmable via an app on your phone. For instance, you may program your home to automatically reduce the temperature while you are gone or at a specific hour when everyone is asleep.


Refrain from purchasing a new thermostat and attempting to install it yourself if you want to replace your outdated one. The new thermostat’s technology could not be compatible with the rest of the HVAC system and could harm it.

To guarantee that your house is pleasant and that your energy costs are minimal, we would love to assist you with installing a new energy-efficient thermostat. For AC installation Portland, contact us. We aim to deliver you affordable and top-class services for your HVAC units.