Furnace Options Available For Your Home

Furnace Options Available For Your Home

All families need furnaces to stay comfortable in their homes during winter. One may use a heater or a heat pump to warm our homes, but a furnace works best. Almost all homeowners have contacted a technician to install a home furnace.

However, not all homeowners know about the furnace options in the market. As the owner, you should know about HVAC repair in Gresham, OR and  furnaces for your home. Knowing so will ensure that you make a better choice. You can contact your technician to learn details about the different kinds or refer to this guide about furnaces.

Types of Furnaces

• A Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is the first choice of homeowners because it is one of the most money-efficient furnace types. It does not require frequent repair jobs as it rarely malfunctions, so you save money on your repair bills. 

Moreover, a gas furnace burns natural gas, which is not expensive. A gas furnace should be your best choice if you want a convenient furnace that will not trouble you much.

• An Oil Furnace

An oil furnace works in a way similar to a gas furnace. As the name suggests, an oil furnace uses oil to generate heat and is not as efficient as a gas furnace. If you want more details about an oil furnace, contact a technician who provides heating replacement services in Portland.

• An Electric Furnace

If you own ample space, an electric furnace is inefficient for warming it to your comfort. This furnace is suitable for small spaces and can fit in tight places easily. It does not require a gas line, so you save money on gas expenses. If you think this furnace can fulfill your heating needs, contact a technician for heating services in Portland.

• A Modulating Furnace

A modulating furnace is your perfect choice if you want an extremely accurate and precise furnace. You can adjust the gas combustion in a modulating furnace, so you save money on your gas bills. 

However, a modulating furnace can strain your budget, so contact your technician who provides heater installation service in Gresham to know the exact installation costs.

• A Single-Stage Furnace

A single-stage furnace is not as efficient as the others, and it consumes more energy as well. One drawback of this type is that owners cannot adjust the fan settings. Since it is not much efficient, it becomes a good choice for areas with warmer climates or no gas pipeline.

• A Two-Stage Furnace

As the name suggests, you can adjust the fan settings of a two-stage furnace. The options available for the owners are high and low, so you can control how much energy it consumes while working. 

Moreover, it is more efficient than a single-stage furnace due to the settings options. Contact a technician who provides heater installation in Gresham to know more differences between the two types.

Oxbow Heating & Cooling can help you pick the best furnace type for your home. We have helped many families in Gresham and other surrounding areas get the right furnace for their homes and structures. Contact Oxbow Heating & Cooling to learn more about different types of furnaces for your home.