How To Know My AC Is Low On Refrigerant?

How To Know My AC Is Low On Refrigerant?

Does your household AC system need a recharge to gear up and deliver efficient services? If your AC system is struggling to keep the temperature down, then there are chances that your AC system needs refrigerant refills.

Why Does the Air Conditioning System Need a Refrigerant Recharge?

To answer this question, our AC service Portland will try to explain the science involved in AC system functioning.

The air conditioning system works on the thermodynamic cycle that changes the temperature with the change in the pressure of the gas as it transforms.

As it flows through the evaporator coils, heat exchange takes place, and it absorbs the heat from the surrounding air, leaving the surrounding air cool because of the absence of warmth.

Signs That Your AC System Needs a Refrigerant Recharge

Here are some signs for AC repairs Gresham that indicates that your AC system is running low on refrigerant:

  • You are not receiving the cool as you used to earlier at the same temperature.
  • You can hear your compressor working hard as it tries to accumulate the remaining refrigerant gas.
  • You hear a hissing or buzzing sound that indicates leakage in the refrigeration lines.
  • Increased electrical problems due to overworking.
  • The AC system runs continuously to deliver high-class services.

Ice on the refrigerant coils indicates some issues with the refrigerant. The ice builds up on the coils because the chilled refrigeration gas travels back to the coils from the evaporator.

If you find ice on the refrigerant coils, you should immediately contact the AC replacement Portland OR, because refrigerant moves in the forward direction. If it travels back to the compressor, it will start affecting the entire process, and you might need to replace the compressor.

Is it Time to Replace Your AC System?

When your AC system’s refrigerant starts depleting, it is one of the signs that indicate you will soon need to call an air conditioning contractor Portland. Since it is expensive to call the AC technician for inspection service, you might call the technician for replacement instead of refilling the refrigerant.

Here are some signs that hints the replacement time is near:

  • You get a high electricity bill every month.
  • Loud noises disturb your sleeping pattern.
  • Recently you have contacted the ductless air conditioning units Portland a few times.
  • The water never stops dripping from the AC unit.
  • You are constantly changing the thermostat temperature settings to find a comfortable zone.


You have to replace the AC system if its model was manufactured in 2010 because it uses Freon or R22 refrigerant chemicals to sustain your comfort needs. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has prohibited using R22 and has asked the HVAC companies to find an alternative to Freon gas.

Some AC units are compatible with alternative refrigerant refills, but some are not. It is better to call the AC maintenance Portland and ask whether your system can use an alternative refrigerant (R401) refill.

Contact Oxbow Heating and Cooling and ask our technicians regarding refrigerant recharge services and to schedule a service.

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