Tips for Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance in Winter

Tips for Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance in Winter

When winter comes and it gets cold in Gresham, we often forget about our air conditioner, which keeps us cool in the summer. But if we don’t take care of our AC during winter, it might not work as well or could break down when we need it.

This guide is here to help homeowners learn how to keep up with regular maintenance, especially during winter. Maintaining your air conditioner is important. Knowing how to do it can ensure its longevity. This will also ensure its readiness to keep you cool in the next hot season.

Why is Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance in Winter Important?

In winter, your air conditioner doesn’t work much, but it’s important to maintain it during this time. Taking good care of your system can make it work better, last longer, and prevent expensive emergency repairs. Moreover, preventive maintenance keeps energy bills in check by ensuring the system isn’t working harder than it needs to.

Tips for How to Maintain Your AC During Winter

Check the Thermostat

Watching your thermostat closely during winter is very important to keep your home warm and energy-efficient. The thermostat acts as the brain of your HVAC system, regulating the indoor temperature based on the outdoor climate. If it’s not functioning correctly, you might find yourself facing unusually high energy bills. Checking it regularly ensures proper functionality, preventing excessive energy usage and maintaining a warm and comfortable home.

Clean or Replace Air Filters and Vents

The health and efficiency of your HVAC system heavily depend on the cleanliness of air filters and vents. Over time, these components collect dust and debris, leading to obstructed airflow and reduced system efficiency.

Cleaning or changing your air filters every three months and making sure nothing is blocking your vents helps air move better in your home. This makes the air cleaner to breathe and stops your system from working too hard, which means it will last longer.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

Winter can be tough on your outdoor AC unit because of snow, ice, and debris. If you don’t take care of it, these things can damage your unit. Utilizing a waterproof cover specifically designed for air conditioners can shield your unit from these elements.

person putting cover on air conditioner unit outside of house

Keep Debris Away from the AC Unit

Leaving leaves, twigs, and pine needles near your outdoor AC can bring mold, pests, and unwanted things. Clean it up to avoid problems. These things can block the air flow and make it harder for your unit to work properly. Keeping the area around your unit clean helps it run smoothly and keeps away anything that could block it.

Routinely Inspect and Clean the AC Unit

We advise giving your AC unit a thorough inspection and cleaning prior to winter. During winter routinely inspecting your unit can prevent a myriad of problems when it’s time to crank it back up in the warmer months. Removing any accumulated dust, dirt, and other residues from the unit enhances its performance and efficiency.

Pay particular attention to the condenser fins, gently washing them and straightening any bends. This maintenance task is crucial for ensuring that your unit functions properly. It is also necessary to ensure that your unit is prepared to cool you down during the summer.

How do I straighten condenser coil fins?

Fixing the thin metal strips (fins) on the outside part of your air conditioner is like untangling knotted hair. If these strips are bent, your air conditioner won’t cool as well. Before you start, make sure the air conditioner is turned off to be safe.

Then, you can use a special tool called a fin comb (you can buy this at a store where they sell home repair items) or a soft brush to gently straighten the bent strips. Be very careful, like you’re brushing something very fragile. Doing this slowly and carefully can help your air conditioner work better and keep your home cooler.

AC Maintenance Checklist 2024

Print and use this ac tune up checklist to routinely check your air conditioning unit during winter.

Winter is the Best Time for Professional AC Services - Why?

Winter is a great time to get your heating and cooling system checked by a professional because they’re not as busy fixing air conditioners. This means you might get quicker service and possibly pay less. Technicians have more time to carefully check and fix your system, making sure it’s ready for summer. Also, getting it checked in winter can help find and fix problems early, so your system doesn’t break down in the middle of summer.


Maintaining your air conditioner during winter is not only about preparing it for the summer season, but also about ensuring your home remains cozy and energy-saving. By incorporating the tips and the AC maintenance checklist for 2024 into your regular schedule, Gresham residents can be assured that their air conditioning is in excellent condition.

Doing some maintenance yourself is good, but having an Oxbow professional check your AC every year is also important. This makes sure your air conditioner gets a complete check-up and keeps working well for a long time. Schedule your ac maintenance today.

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