Top 10 HVAC Maintenance Tips

Top 10 HVAC Maintenance Tips

A yearly inspection for your HVAC includes a deep clean and repair to ensure the system works proficiently and does not consume excessive energy. Regular maintenance will also help maintain indoor air quality and lessen health risks for you and your family. For HVAC repairs in Portland, OR, contact our technicians providing quality heating repairs in Gresham and the nearby areas. 

Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC

HVAC maintenance means more than annual tune-up. The maintenance also includes how you use the HVAC and take care of it daily. These ten maintenance tips can help prevent central and ductless repairs in Gresham.

Place a New HEPA Filter

Generally, the AC and heater filter needs replacement once every 60-90 days. This is because the dirty filter leads to a clogged HVAC that consumes too much energy. 

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Change Dead Batteries

When your HVAC suddenly stops working, you should change the batteries. If you change batteries on time, you can maintain your HVAC system’s quality.

Do Not Obstruct Air

When you keep furniture or some other components near the air register, this blocks HVAC air. The obstructed air makes it harder for the HVAC to heat and cool the room. In addition, it can cause expensive running costs. 

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Replace the Traditional Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is the best way to enhance your HVAC efficiency and avoid temperature fluctuations. You can schedule a timer on your thermostat according to various temperature requirements.

Double Insulate Your HVAC

You should double-wrap the insulation if you live in an extremely cold or hot region. This is known as re-insulation. It will protect your HVAC system and increase its efficiency after heating installation.

Clean AC and Furnace

A clean air filter is not enough to prevent clogging. You also have to keep other components of your heating and cooling system clean. 

It is the main reason to schedule an annual tune-up service for their HVAC appliances.A yearly tune-up service ensures a thorough and professional cleaning of the HVAC. 

Pay Heed to Tune-up Service

A tune-up service ensures a clean HVAC unit and guarantees defect-free and smooth HVAC operation. Therefore, you should get your equipment inspected by our expert annually to control the frequency of AC tune up in Gresham.

Clear Outdoor Area

The outdoor unit expels the unwanted air. Thus, it should not be obstructed by vegetation or any other objects. On the other hand, the plants can also clog the outdoor unit, which may require frequent repairs. Therefore, you need to cut the vegetation promptly.

Do Not Keep Hazardous Things

You should not keep any flammable or smoke-producing things near HVAC equipment. Such things can cause fire risk and several HVAC damages.

Prioritize Ductwork Cleaning

Your HVAC system needs an annual tune-up twice every year and needs air duct cleaning once every 3 to 5 years. These two services are essential after heating installation in Portland to maintain the quality of HVAC performance. 

Dirty or blocked ducts are mainly responsible for emergency repair and urgent need of replacement. Ensure clean air ducts by scheduling ductwork cleaning service.


You can follow these maintenance tips to improve the efficiency of your HVAC units. The experienced professionals at Oxbow Heating and Cooling can help you handle annual tune-up and ductwork cleaning. We have 30 years of experience in serving residential and commercial HVAC. We provide HVAC repairs, heating and AC installation in PortlandContact us now to schedule maintenance service.