What Is the Most Common Air Failure on an Air Conditioning System?

What Is the Most Common Air Failure on an Air Conditioning System?

As we segue into the hot summer months, you must find yourself being increasingly dependent on your air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems are sturdy HVACs designed to last decades, if not years.

Nevertheless, given the mechanical wear and tear during their long hours of operation, these HVAC systems become susceptible to a couple of problems resulting in common operational defects, and AC repair Gresham is here to help.

Common AC problems and their solutions

For a better insight into your air conditioning system and to resolve its occasional failures early on, we have made a list of common AC problems that you may face during the season and ways you can resolve said problems in no time. 

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Thermostats are often responsible for air conditioning failures in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Just like air conditioners, thermostats come with different features and functions.

Sometimes these features may prevent your air conditioning system from providing sufficient cooling in your rooms. Therefore, before using your technologically advanced thermostats, you must acquaint yourself with their features thoroughly to prevent unforeseen breakdowns or malfunctioning.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters work round the clock to provide your household with clean air free of moisture and germs. Sometimes routine maintenance services aren’t enough to keep your air conditioner’s filters clean.

Increased usage during the season can result in a faster build-up of dirt and debris in your air filters, clogging them up faster than usual. This can lead to a fall in air input leading to an eventual breakdown of your air conditioning system. 

Water Leak(Indoors)

Water leaks from your indoor air conditioning unit can indicate a clogged condensate pipe. Condensate pipes can witness algae build-up, making it difficult for condensate to leave through the pipes and leak into your rooms now your air conditioner need to AC tune up in Gresham.  

Water Leak(Outdoors)

Sometimes water may also pool around outdoor air conditioning units due to poor installation, leaky condensate pans, etc. you may get in touch with your air conditioning installation team for such issues if your air conditioning system is newly installed and have your AC installation inspected and repaired free of cost. 

Foul Smell From the AC

Unpleasant and foul air from your air conditioning system can be caused by a couple of reasons. A clogged filter may give off a sock-like smell, whereas a refrigerant leak can smell sweet and similar to chloroform. A professional AC repair Portland should be able to remove such foul odors from your AC right away. 

Compressor Damage

Although uncommon, compressor damage can result in the loss of cold air blowing from your AC vents. A compressor cools the air the unit draws in, cools it, and sends it into your rooms. Compressors carry long-term warranties from HVAC manufacturers as they can be very expensive to replace or repair. 

Blower Motor Failure

Blower motor malfunction will also result in reduced or no cold air blowing from your AC vents. Your outdoor and indoor unit may function perfectly well, yet, in the absence of a properly functioning fan, you are not likely to feel the cooling even after an hour or two. 


Strange Noises

Unknown and disturbing noises can be traced to many HVAC defaults. A banging or `screeching sound may indicate a loose fan blade. In comparison, a clunking or popping sound may indicate a loose duct panel. 

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