What Will Happen When Your AC Is Not Maintained?

What Will Happen When Your AC Is Not Maintained?

With a global surge in temperatures all over the world, air conditioners have undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. Our ACs work throughout the year to provide us comfort. Like any other electronic product, the efficiency of an AC depends on how well you maintain it. Professional HVAC contractors advise AC maintenance Portland at least twice a year.

Why is Maintenance Important?

  • Efficiency Decreases

Can you stand with the fact your investment in your AC reduces because it is losing its earlier efficiency? The less you care about AC service Portland, the more your system starts losing its ability to provide flawless service. Gradually, your unit will consume more power to cool down your house.

  • Humidity level increases

When you constantly ignore AC repair Portland, you can rest assured that you will no longer feel comfortable in your room. The indoor air quality will decrease, and the humidity level will increase.

  • Consistent Repair

Every part of your AC requires regular maintenance. Failing to do so will lead to consistent repair work. HVAC repair Portland or then becomes extremely frustrating. Each part will need repair work from the air blower to the compressor, and as a result, AC service becomes highly expensive.

  • Expensive Replacement

Will you be ready to pay an atrociously huge amount for replacement just because you haven’t maintained your AC regularly? When you neglect tune-up work, you might have to opt for AC replacement Portland service, and sometimes, it can be various parts of your HVAC system – compressor, evaporator coil, thermostat, ducts, etc.

  • Energy Bill Skyrockets

Being an AC owner, you might have an idea about how much energy is consumed by your system. However, non-maintenance means the parts in your AC have to work harder than before to provide you with comfortable air. As a result, your AC starts consuming more power than ever. Get an AC service in time to avoid high bills.

  • HVAC Lifespan Impacted

For any electronic device to work properly and serve you for a long time, timely AC tune up Gresham is necessary. When every part of your AC system runs smoothly, you can expect efficient service from your air conditioner at home. If you do not maintain your system after every season, the life expectancy of your system falls at a greater rate.

  • Void Warranty

Nowadays, HVAC contractors offer warranty services to consumers if they maintain their AC units well. Therefore, when you do not tune up your HVAC system annually, the warranty on your product will become void. Get an HVAC contractor Gresham OR or if your air conditioner has a problem beyond repairs.


You will face several huge drawbacks if you fail to attend to your HVAC system on time. In this regard, let us suggest the most prominent service provider of AC maintenance – Oxbow Heating and Cooling.

We provide an elaborate AC installation Portland at an affordable rate. With our trained AC experts and extensive technology, we can address your HVAC needs without any hassle. Contact us today for an AC maintenance plan.

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