Why Is My Furnace Short Cycling?

Why Is My Furnace Short Cycling?

Furnace short cycling is when your furnace repeatedly turns on and off quickly without heating your home to the desired temperature.

A short cycling furnace would cause an increased probability of your home not being appropriately heated, which can be very frustrating – especially during cold winter months! To avoid this, you’ll need to schedule a heating service before winter hits. If you live in Gresham or surrounding areas, Oxbow Heating & Cooling has qualified professionals to assist with any kind of heating services Gresham.

There are a few different reasons that your furnace may be short cycling, which include:

  1. Thermostat problems: If your thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it may cause your furnace to turn on and off more frequently than usual. Check to see if your thermostat is set to the correct temperature or has batteries that need to be replaced.
  2. Dirty air filter: A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow to your furnace, causing it to overheat and turn off prematurely. To prevent this, check your air filter monthly and replace it as needed.
  3. Leaking ductwork: If your ductwork leaks, it can cause your furnace to short cycle. Leaky ductwork can also cause your furnace to run less efficiently, increasing your energy bills. Ensure that your ductwork is properly sealed and insulated to prevent heat loss.
  4. Incorrectly sized furnace: If your furnace is too small or too large for your home, it may turn on and off frequently to maintain the desired temperature. This can cause significant wear and tear on the unit, so it is essential to have a professional at Oxbow Heating & Cooling inspect your HVAC repair Gresham OR or furnace to ensure it is the right size for your home.
  5. Limit switch issues: A limit switch is a safety device that tells the furnace when to turn off. To check for a defective limit switch, locate it and test it with the multimeter to avoid the furnace turning off prematurely.
  6. Blower motor issues: If the blower motor is not working correctly, it can cause the furnace to overheat and turn off. To check the blower motor, ensure there is power going to it. Then, use a multimeter to test the continuity of the motor winding.

If your furnace is short cycling, it is important to have it checked by a professional. 

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